John along with the 2013-14 state budget which reduced taxes by nearly 700 million dollars.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I  am proud to have the honor of representing the residents of Northeast Wisconsin in the State

Through the Legislature’s diligence and strength of conviction, we erased a $3.6 billion dollar deficit last session.  We now have a $419 million surplus going into the budget and greater flexibility than in years past. With this in mind, as Co-Chair of Joint Finance, I promise to use restraint in spending tax dollars;  reinvest in education and our workforce and  continue to reform state government.

Joint Finance Committee’s job is to do a detailed and transparent review of the budget recommendations.  The Governor has given us a good place to start in presenting bold initiatives, and  I am confident the legislature will only better his proposal.

We haved changed the path for Wisconsin, we are on our way to economic prosperity and job growth. Wisconsin has found the leadership that will move our state in the right direction and I am proud to be part of that team.

I share the hard working values and common sense thinking of the residents of Northeast Wisconsin.

These are the characteristics that will help us to continue Wisconsin on the right path and move us forward.